Key Information

Travel Details

Phone & Internet Connection

Due to the camp’s remote location, phone coverage is extremely limited and there is NO WiFi at the camp. Guests will have access to electricity during the evening in order to charge phones, cameras and any other electric devices. In line with our ethos, part of the experience at Corocora is to connect with the nature and local cultural, with reduced virtual connection leading to a more profound personal connection and liberation.

Nature's Critters

Although Corocora provides the utmost level of comfort possible, it is important to remember the camp’s wild and remote location does mean insects and mosquitos can be found!

What to Bring

To ensure your comfort at Corocora, it is recommended to tailor your clothing choices to the time of year and types of experiences.

All year round:

  • Long-sleeved, light coloured cotton tops
  • Lightweight full length trousers
  • Trousers suitable for riding
  • Riding boots (optional)
  • Walking shoes
  • Hat

Rainy season:

  • Rain poncho
  • Wellington boots (available on request)
  • Light-weight, quick-dry clothing

Health & Vaccines

Corocora Tented Camp is in an area where yellow fever vaccine is recommended for all travellers ≥ 9 months of age. It is therefore essential that you consult your medial practitioner regarding yellow fever requirements. We also suggest that you take Thiamine a few days prior to your trip, as Vitamin B1 is a proven alternative to sprays and wipes to make you less prone to insect bites. Repellent is provided in your tent and on 4×4 vehicles.


Please consult your country’s consulate to verify whether you require a Visa to travel to Colombia. Remember you must have 2 pages free in your passport in order to travel.

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