The Projects

conservation strategies program

At Corocora Camp, our objective is to promote conservation through tourism. With the funds from this hospitality project we finance wildlife conservation projects in the area. We work hand in hand with the El Encanto de Guanapalo nature reserve, local and national organisations, as well as the community, to generate a positive impact on a unique, highly vulnerable and poorly protected ecosystem in Colombia: The Orinoco floodplains. We invite our guests and partners to get involved, participate and support the initiatives that strengthen our work.

Conservation of Wildlife in Colombia - Camera Trapping

Wildlife Monitoring, Research and Conservation

In order to protect the wildlife of the region, it is necessary to monitor the species that currently live in the reserve and study their behaviour and population status. This is done through camera trap monitoring and satellite tracking collars for species like pumas, giant anteaters, among other threatened species.

Ecological and Landscape Restoration

The landscape of Los Llanos region has been deeply affected by livestock production, since farmers clear forests to provide pastureland for cattle, resulting in the change of the natural savannah and habitat fragmentation. Corocora Camp’s objective is to build a tree nursery of native plants to help reforest the landscape and connect wildlife corridors by restoring the land, which will allow the exchange of isolated wildlife populations and reduce the negative effects of inbreeding. Lastly, we aim to protect gallery forests with electric fences to prevent cattle and domestic animals from affecting their restoration.

Sustainable Livestock Production

Livestock production is a big part of the Llanero –Colombian cowboy– culture, and even though this activity has a vast environmental print, we believe we can help local communities make it sustainable. One of the initiatives consists of the installing water pumps and aqueducts to provide clean water to cattle and domestic animals in the reserve. This will help reduce the water pollution that usually arises with this activity, and affects the water sources for wildlife inside the reserve. Consequently, this practice will result in healthier animals, better quality meat and increased productivity benefiting cattle owners.

Corocora Wildlife Camp in Colombia

Community Education

We believe that the key to engage local communities and generate awareness on conservation is through education. That is why Corocora Camp has designed the education program “Guardians of Guanapalo”, where young locals can learn about conservation, become naturalist guides and prevent them from engaging in illegal hunting and wildlife trafficking. This will be an excellent learning opportunity for new generations to see nature tourism as an alternate, sustainable source of income that will also benefit the Orinoquia region in the long run.

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