Our Team

The camp’s housekeeper, Valeria, grew up in Villavicencio, located outside Bogotá in the Meta Department of Colombia. She studied environmental management systems in school and honed her skills in the hospitality industry while managing a boutique hotel in the urban area of Meta. A passion for reading, particularly about history, culture, fantasy, and the environment, has opened up a world of knowledge for her starting from a young age. When not busy at home caring for her child, Valeria dedicates her free time to harvesting and caring for her rose garden and impressive collection of more than 150 orchids. She also plays football and loves to work out during her free time.

Responsible for overseeing the welfare of the staff, Yoli is the camp’s chef, a role she nurtured at the age of 14 when she began working at a farm in the Magdalena department of northern Colombia. She studied environmental engineering with a focus on hybrid resources and physiotherapy. Years later she worked as a masseuse for professional football clubs in Colombia. Mother to two daughters and grandmother to one, Yoli enjoys spending her free time reading about the area’s expansive flora and fauna. She also holds conservation and reforestation projects close to heart. When she isn’t absorbed in the nature surrounding her, she does extreme sports like motocross, paragliding, parachuting and abseiling.

As manager of operations at the camp, Julian has always sought out challenges that lead to personal and professional growth and allow him to showcase his leadership skills. Born in Bogotá, Julian started his career as a chef and manager of his own conservation project, NOSTOC, which focuses on restorative tourism in rural areas of Colombia. He studied gastronomy in Buenos Aires, managed a kitchen in Thailand, and has travelled extensively throughout Latin America, the United States, Spain, and Turkey. Travelling has played an essential role in Julian’s development. This has opened doors for this natural born leader who prefers to focus on the common good and interests of those he works with.

The camp’s chauffeur, John, hails from Chinavita in the department of Boyacá. He’s been providing chauffeur services to his clientele for more than 12 years and before that, served in the military and cavalry corps. A soon-to-be father, John is described by others as resourceful and a great conversationalist with an irresistible sense of humor. He is a connoisseur and lover of horses and enjoys spending free time playing soccer, exercising and listening to music.

Before becoming head of safety for the camp, Arley refined his security skills by serving his country in the military, describing this period as one of the most rewarding of his life. Born in Tame in the department of Arauca, Arley followed in his father’s footsteps and worked at cattle ranches when he was young. From his outside appearance, Arley may come across as reserved and highly committed to his duties and obligations, but anyone who knows him well will tell you that, like John, his sense of humor is contagious. Soccer, swimming and exploring all things mystical bring Arley pleasure during his free time.

Medellín-born Daniel, the camp guide, considers one of the most rewarding pleasures in life is to observe and fight for wildlife. He’s a wild animal veterinarian and has extensive experience in rescue centres for mammals, birds and reptiles. He’s also an expert in conflict management and conservation of big wild felines. His love for animals is creatively expressed through nature photography, a passion that has led him to start his own personal project where he aims to educate Colombians about the treasures of nature that can be found in this country.

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